India has the highest number of diarrhoea-related death rate in children up to 5 years. To manage this, WHO and UNICEF issued guidelines for the treatment of diarrhoea, where low osmolarity ORS and zinc were recommended as mainstay of treatment. Research by UNICEF has disclosed that only 1% of Zinc prescriptions are documented in India.

Consuming and administering the medicines is a challenge as most children suffering from Diarrhoea also have vomiting . Further, the treatment is often incomplete as the currently available treatment options offer only 10 days of Zinc as against the recommendation of 14 days.


Vachan, a mass awareness campaign was initiated to urge paediatricians to prescribe the addition of zinc to ORS in the treatment of acute diarrhea in children. To address the prescription gap, Vachan urges and educates paediatrician across the country to co-prescribe zinc for effective management of diarrhoea thus preventing deaths.



Total number of doctors addressed through Vachan

The Vachan campaign featured in the Limca book of Records.