hepatitis B symptoms and treatment


Hepatitis B (HBV) is often referred to as a silent disease because it has minimal symptoms which leads to late diagnosis. Lack of awareness leads to missed opportunities for appropriate treatment and care. Amongst diagnosed patients, non-adherence to therapy is common. Around 2-7% of Indian population is affected with Hepatitis B.

financial help for Hepatitis B patients


Bridging the knowledge gap about the disease, Liv Positive is a patient support and education program aimed at improving adherence and thus, better disease management.

It offers disease counselling through qualified counsellors who help patients understand more about the disease thereby resulting in better disease management.

Diagnostic support: Subsidised or free coupon to check the progress of the disease.

Dosage reminder calls and SMS: Refill reminders one week in advance helps to maintain compliance.

Health tips: Basic do’s and don’ts in regional languages helps the patients.




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financial assistance for Hepatitis B patients


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education program for Hep B patients


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