In India, the detection of Chronic Kidney Disease is often delayed due to minimal symptoms. In most cases, the kidney function is impaired by the time the patient is detected. A CKD patient has a high pill burden typically taking 15 to 20 pills along with frequent injections & sometimes even dialysis. This impacts patient’s quality of life. Given the high pill burden, treatment and adherence are critical for better outcomes. However, it is observed that many a times doctors are not able to address patient's queries as frequently.


CHEER (Committed to Help Educate and Encourage Renal Patients) is a patient-assistance program which helps them adhere and comply to the therapy by the following value-added services.

1. Health tips SMS - Given in regional language, these tips are for patients about kidney care, nutrition and physical activity.

2. Dose reminder & query phone calls - These calls help remind patients about the next dose & help discuss any queries they have about kidney care.

3. Hb monitoring and tracking- The Hb monitoring & tracking helps doctors check the impact of treatment

An integrated solution, CHEER offers a persistence tracker to the treating physician, which helps them know the compliance of their patients to therapy.


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